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Wyatt vom Schatten

DOB: 4.27.2020
Color: Black & Red (Long Coat)
DM: Status pending

Wyatt is a laid back gentle giant. He is a beautiful boy that comes from West German Showlines. The way he prances around the property, it's like he knows he is king. 


Jigger vom Schatten 

DOB: 03.06.2018
Color: Black and Red
DM: status pending

Jigger is a laid back "stud muffin". He is from West German Showlines.  He is extremely smart but lacks table manners. After eating, Jigger can be found playing with his favorite toy, his food bowl. 



Mambo von Derqueencalibras

DOB: 12.03.2020
Color: Sable (long coat)
DM: Carrier (not affected)

Mambo "The Man"is a European Import from Poland. He is confident, loyal, and intelligent. When not perfecting his obedience commands, he can be found prancing around the yard or playing fetch with his favorite ball. 

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