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About Us

Schatten Kennels is run by  the passionate Father/Daughter duo Scott and Bethany. We started the kennel in 2016 with just one goal in mind: Produce quality German Shepherds, so other families can fall in love with the breed just as we have.
Being a family run business, our dogs are just that: FAMILY! They are raised around children with plenty of room to run and play, inside and outside.



We are dedicated to maintaining the breed standard and strive to better the breed with each breeding along with temperament and personality. Through extensive research, professional knowledge, and years of experience we take pride in producing genetically sound puppies that are healthy with great personalities. 

What sets us apart from other breeders? We are here for you! Thats what LIFETIME breeder support guarantees. After you buy a puppy from us, we want to hear from you!

Are you having trouble navigating new puppy habits? Call us so we can help you.  If the issue with your new puppy can't be solved over the phone?  No problem we will come to you and help work through this new stage.

We love seeing how your pup is doing! Check out these pups that aren't pups any more! 

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