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Puppy Purchase Agreement

Puppy Purchase Agreement & Warranty

Buyer: ____________________

Phone Number: ______________

Email: ____________________

Pick: _____________________

This agreement contains our purchase agreement, health guarantee, hip/elbow warranty and other useful information. We strongly recommend you keep in touch with us regarding the growth and development of your new German Shepherd puppy. While Veterinarians are useful in many areas of a dog’s life, we have extensive experience with the growth, health, and development issues specific to the German Shepherd Dog as well as knowledge into the specific bloodlines of this puppy. 


Purchase Agreement

A non-refundable deposit of _$300.00_ will reserve your pick. If this breeding does not produce a puppy that fits what you are looking for, your deposit will be used towards a puppy in another litter. Remainder of price will be determined after birth based on breeding and color.

Deposits are only to be sent once this agreement has been signed and emailed to the breeder. 

Deposits are accepted through the following: 

Venmo: @Schatten-Kennel

CashApp: $SchattenKennel



The Buyer may select any “first” name for the puppy, however the dog’s “last” name will be “vom Schatten SK” and must be placed on the AKC registration application or this guarantee will be null and void. 


Health Guarantee

At the time of transfer, this puppy has received all regularly scheduled deworming and vaccines due to date. This puppy has been vet checked and has been approved to be sent to its forever home. 

Buyer has 72 hours to bring the puppy to a veterinarian of their choosing to be looked over. If the puppy is found to have distemper or parvo, or any major health or birth defect on their first veterinary exam, the buyer may choose between: 

1) returning the puppy for refund 

2) exchanging the puppy for another puppy

3) corrective surgery or treatment if possible up to the selling price of the puppy.  


Because the puppy has received all regular deworming and vaccines, the following are excluded as the puppy can easily re-acquire them from their new environment.

  • Temporary Cow Hock gait  

  • Worms

  • Coccidia 

  • Giardia 


This puppy must have it’s heartworm medication, flea and tick medication started and continued without interruption and received all it’s remaining vaccines and rabies vaccines on time for the above health guarantee to be valid.  


Hip/Elbow Warranty

Although it is impossible to guarantee a puppy will not get hip dysplasia, we make every effort to avoid this. We OFA Certify all dogs prior to breeding to ensure we are producing the best quality German Shepherds possible. Hip Dysplasia is a congenital malformation of the ball and socket joint of the hip. A dog may or may not become lame because of the disease depending upon its severity. 


If one of our puppies is diagnosed with crippling hip dysplasia, we will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value .  If the Buyer chooses to keep the puppy, a certification of sterilization must be given before any replacement will be made by the breeder. 


**Breeder must be provided with the X-ray and a copy of the OFA letter of diagnosis. Breeder reserves the right to have the X-ray done by their own veterinarian and resubmitted to OFA for a second opinion within six months of original X-ray **


This guarantee is null and avoid if: 

  • Female puppy is in heat at time of X-Rays

  • X-Rays are done before 24 months or after 26 months

  • Puppy is spayed or neutered before 18 months of age

  • Female puppy conceives a litter before 2 year of age

  • Male puppy sires a litter before 2 years of age


Male Puppies 

Because all dogs mature at different rates, sometimes it is impossible to determine if a puppy has both testicles at 8 weeks, or if both testicles will "Drop" as the puppy matures. We make every effort to ensure the genetic "Soundness" of our dogs. However, no genetic issue is exact. Breeder cannot guarantee that a puppy whose testicles have not "Dropped" by the time of delivery will have both testicles. Breeder assumes no responsibility or liability in this matter, making it the sole acceptance and responsibility of the buyer. 


Puppy Pick Up

Unless other prior agreed upon arrangements have been made by Buyer and Seller; the puppy MUST be picked up or have shipping arrangements made by Buyer within 7 days of Seller’s notification to Buyer that the puppies are ready for pick up. In the event the puppy has not been picked up at the above referenced timeframe or other prior agreements have been made and agreed to by the parties hereto the Buyer will forfeit deposit. Any boarding past the delivery date is subject to a $30.00 per day boarding fee unless a prior arrangement has been agreed to.

Puppy Deposit Form

Thanks for choosing us to provide you with your new family member! We look forward to working with you! Please save the PDF of the contact below for your records.

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